Cleverbots participated in MTT Talks «Marketing Automation» conference


During the conference speakers discussed the most important services, methods and tools of marketing automation. The reports were held in case study format – examples of how, where and why marketing automation was used and what results it generated.

On the «Everest» session – for large and medium businesses Artem Rarov, project manager  at Cleverbots, made a report on «The new interface of gamification – chatbots». We talked about the advantages of chatbots in communication and how dialogue interfaces become not only a tool for native communication between brands and customers, but also a place where a new type of creativity and interactive mechanics is born. Chatbots perform a significant increase in marketing campaigns effectiveness, user loyalty and involvement in communication with the brand. 

We also created a chatbot for the event, where participants could get all the necessary information: the program and schedule, the organizers, partners of the conference, as well as get into the participants’ chat and ask a question to the speaker.