About us
Cleverbots is developing IT solutions based on digital intelligence technologies.
  • We use the most advanced business solutions and achieve the key goals of companies.
  • We believe that with the help of our technologies we can:
    • set people free from the shackles of routine and ease everyday life
    • start the path of any company to a bright technological future
    • give any business an additional opportunity to accelerate its development
    • equip for victories in a competitive environment
  • We take up any new challenges.
We've developed more than thirty projects, and most of our customers have become our regular partners.
Our team consists of internationally qualified specialists who are in demand in the USA and Europe.
Our team
Ilya Chernyakov
  • Strategic and operational management of the company
  • Product launch and development
  • Development of concepts of application of AI in business
  • Successful launch of flagship products at BOSCH and SANOFI
  • Implementation of a multi-channel marketing system with CRM
Adam Turaev
  • Business development
  • Forming the Cleverbots brand and developing high-quality communication with the company’s customers
  • Expert on Big Data and digital technologies
  • Successful data-driven campaigns: Durex Stickers, Veet ALI 2.0, Project Nurofen Tales and Magne B6;
  • High-tech projects for the implementation of CRM
Nikita Kifiyak
Head of Sales
  • Head of Sales Department
  • Key customers’ case management/customer support for key clients
  • Strategic development
  • Supervised E-commerce in the largest flower shop chain
Viktor Petukhov
Data Science Team Lead
  • Data Science Project Development Guide
  • Over 5 years experience in Data Science in various fields.
  • Experience in the department of algorithms Epam Systems
  • PhD candidate in biostatistics at the University of Copenhagen
  • Great expertise in applied mathematics, statistics and probability theory
Vadim Chernyshov
IT Project Manager
  • Project management, account management
  • Managed a project team of 30 people
  • Managed a project for the implementation of computer-aided design in AvtoVAZ
  • Case finalist McKinsey Business Diving 2015
Darkhan Almakhan
Back-end & DevSecOps specialist
  • Development of information security policies
  • DevSecOps development tools Setting up
  • Master’s degree in Information Security
  • A Certified Python and Django Specialist
  • Experience in managing a team of 40 people